Pyladies November meetup.

Like every month, the Pyladies met this month too. I was really looking forward to this meetup as we were going to learn about how to create our own map using GeoJSON and the basics of Git. The meetup started with a session on Git by Sayan Chowdhury. He gave us a brief introduction of Git, why it is used and how it is beneficial. We started by making our own project and moving it to github.

Here are some commands we used:-

  1. git init :- This initializes git in the directory.
  2. git config –global ‘your_userame’ :- Configure your username.
  3. git config –global ‘your_emailid’ :- Configure your email.
  4. git status :- To check the status of the repository.
  5. git add <filename> :- Add files for Git to track.
  6. git commit -m “The message you want to show” :- To commit the changes to Git.
  7. git diff :- To check the changes since last commit.
  8. git log :- To check the changes made to your project since the beginning.
  9. git remote add origin <url> :- To push your code to a remote server.(e.g. Github)

We also learnt how to create a .gitignore file. If you create a .gitignore file in your repository, Git uses it to determine which files and directories to ignore before making a commit. Sayan also told us about Pull Requests (PR). We forked his pyladies project and after making some changes to the file in this repository, we sent a PR to it.


After this, we had a session by Nisha on how to create maps using GeoJSON. It was really a interesting and new concept. She told us where we can use these maps, and amongst many examples, the one which I liked the most was the idea of using a map for your CV. She showed us the CV of a girl who used a map to mark her educational institutes and also the places she had worked so far. Nisha also told us about GIS, leaflet etc. and explained to us how we could start mapping using github.

The session ended with a discussion about Pycon Pune which is going to be held in February 2017. Also, the date and topic for next month’s meetup was decided and before leaving, we took a group photo with all the Pyladies. 🙂

P.S. :- Here is a link for learning more about Git : –


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